The International ExploreZ Festival – May 2022, Amsterdam The Netherlands

The dates have been announced! From 7 to 22 May 2022, we are organising a new edition of the successful international ExploreZ Festival. This year’s theme is Roots & Future! International and Dutch multidisciplinary performances can be seen at various locations in Amsterdam.  

What events from your past give you strength for the future? 
In the first week, the programme focuses on migration and puts a spotlight on new makers who start over in another country. On the schedule are performances from The Netherlands, Spain, Serbia and Germany. 

During the second week we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of ZID Theater! We have asked various theatre makers and artists to reflect on this and to take the Roots & Future theme as a starting point. This will result in a location project RE – Dreams at Broedplaats Bouw, where ZID Theater is located.  

Keep an eye on We will announce the full programme soon!