Take a trip!-a performance art JAM, Triplets Dance Studio & ZID

Discover the magic of spontaneous dance, theater and performance moments that occur live unfold before your eyes!

Take a Trip! is a performance art JAM in ZID Theater, in collaboration with Triplets Dance Studio. Experience a unique improvisation event in honor of 750 years of Amsterdam, led by triplets choreographer and dancer Jort Faber! Step on stage and be swept away by a dance experience like no other. Whether you now dance, play, sing alone or together with others, there is room for everyone to participate take and enjoy. It’s not a lesson; it is a place to meet and get together shine on stage or from the audience to enjoy the performance. On stage, dancers of various styles, actors and musicians come together in three spontaneous and inspiring improvisations! Each improvisation session has its own theme atmosphere. On to a vibrant improv evening.

Exhibition ‘My bucket list for the city’ – 750 years of Amsterdam | ZID Theater

A special photo exhibition, where residents of West share stories based on staged images photos and dreams of the future. Photographed by Maria Morales, a photographer and designer, living in West, with roots in Cuba. What makes life in Amsterdam-West even more beautiful, meaningful, funnier and richer? Attendees have been challenged with questions such as: what would your ultimate bucket list consist of? Which places should absolutely in the picture? The answers to these questions reveal the beautiful diversity of the residents – as well as their connection – seeing. The exhibition is part of a multi-year project ‘The Bucket List van West’ that ZID Theater is developing in the context of 750 years of Amsterdam.