Five international partners unite their forces and their expertise in the FATE project. The partners are: ZID Theater – City Art & Performance Center (the Netherlands), Atalaya/ TNT (Spain), Social Community Theater Centre/ University of Turin (Italy), DAH Teatar (Serbia) and Studio 7 (Germany). Read more information below about the organisations behind this inspiring project.

ZID Theater – City Art & Performance Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ZID is a cultural organisation that produces multidisciplinary performances, the annual ExploreZ festival, and realises projects together with art professionals, urban talents and citizens. ZID works on a local, national and international level.

ZID received various awards for her work, such as Appeltje van Oranje in 2011, the annual prize of the Oranje Fonds / the Royal Dutch Foundation, and in 2018 the Golden Kaleidoscop from the Fund for Cultural Participation. Karolina Spaic, director of ZID was appointed Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau in 2020.  

ZID attaches great importance to working internationally and exchanging experiences, and has toured in many European countries, South America, the United States and Morocco. Major interest is attached to exchanging knowledge and practice, gaining experience and collaborating with international partners. ZID’s multidisciplinary and intercultural performances and projects bring the world around us onto the stage, locally and globally.

Atalya – TNT, Sevilla, Spain

TNT, the international centre for Scenic Research, opened in the private sector in 2008 and was created at the request of Atalaya Theatre. In that same year, TNT and Atalaya were awarded the National Theatre Prize. It was the first time a theatrical centre outside Madrid or Barcelona was given that award. Judges named by the Ministry of Culture called it: “The creation of an original space for exhibition, production, education and theatrical deliberation as the result of a long history of professionalism.”

TNT has three main areas: pedagogy, production and programming. Pedagogy has been its claim to fame since the beginning of the International Laboratory which is now in its 23rd season. TNT has hosted almost a hundred pedagogues and teachers from all theatrical traditions around the world. Since 2014, The Laboratory has been structured in a training/school format that lasts two years.

Social Community Theater Centre / University of Turin, Torino, Italy

University of Turin is the first university to work scientifically with the Social Community Theatre (SCT) methodology. As a well-known and acknowledged practitioner in the field, SCT Centre is part of the Humanistic Studies Department, University of Turin, Italy. The centre carries out artistic projects of cultural innovation and social impact; activities of interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial scientific research; trainings and capacity building; and is responsible for the supervision of the Social Community Theatre methodology.

SCT Centre| Unito sees diversity as a resource of creativity and wellbeing, both for individuals and communities. They consider the experience of human beings’ diversity as a combination of physical, emotional and cognitive experiences in a constant relationship with other people, the environment and culture. In SCT’s approach, the activities of theatre training and the artistic process itself represent a highly educational, cultural, and social experience of empowerment and integration.
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DAH Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia

DAH is an independent, contemporary theatre troupe and artistic collective, based in Belgrade, Serbia, that uses modern theatre techniques to create engaging art and initiate positive social change, both locally and globally. For 30 years, DAH has been working at the crossroads between theatre, dance, and visual arts. Through dedicated team work, DAH creates daring artistic forms that inspire personal and social transformation.

DAH Theatre uses methods of devised theatre, starting with a problem or a theme, continuing through research and elaborating in the rehearsal process to develop highly artistic work with the vision of nurturing a non-violent and tolerant society. DAH Theatre Research Center provides a platform for artists, cultural managers, experts, different social organisations, projects and initiatives.

DAH regularly leads educational programs including the International School for Actors and Directors. With its performances, DAH Theatre extensively tours around the world and creates and organises international festivals and meetings.

Studio 7, Schwerte, Germany

Studio 7 is a theatre company and culture house from Schwerte, a suburb of Dortmund. In addition to making performances, they work with different target groups, such as young people and elderly in local, regional and international contexts. The group travels with artistic interventions and surprising performances through various European countries and takes part in European collaborative projects.

The association promotes the research and development of acting techniques and other related elements of theatre, such as dance, performance, singing and dramatic literature. The association aims at the development of theatre forms which can be made accessible to people of different cultural backgrounds in a cross-cultural and integrated way, and which encourages them to adopt an active, participatory attitude. The aim of participation by young people, young makers and young professionals is particularly important.

The programmes and activities set up under this heading are intended, in particular, to help the young generation, to contribute to an interesting town.
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