FATE – Activities in brief

The following activities will be developed within the project
– January – June 2021 – Developing and providing training to a group of 25 participants, newcomers- migrants and refugees, in the Netherlands (ZID Theater) and Spain (Atalya/ TNT)
– January 2021 – December 2022 – Creating a programme for professionals working for cultural organisations and art schools
– September 2021 – September 2022- Creating two productions (one in the Netherlands and one in Spain) and two artistic presentations (Serbia and Germany) – which will be presented locally and go on tour to the Netherlands and Spain
– March 2021 – December 2022 Developing a digital platform that will allow professionals, participants, partners and policy makers across Europe to access the knowledge and methods developed in this project
– October – December 2022 Conferences in every partner country for professionals working in the arts
– October – December 2022 A follow-up plan for the participants and a plan for the wider expansion of the training.

Training for participants

Participants are not only performers, but can also have ambitions as a teacher, director, marketer, manager, technician, musician , filmmaker , photographer etc.
 The training aims that the participant:
– becomes acquainted with the arts sector in the Netherlands and Spain
– learns skills to better express his / her ambitions
– builds a portfolio
– builds a network in the Netherlands, Spain and Europe
After the training, the participants will create a multidisciplinary production. This production will be performed in the Netherlands and Spain.

Further activities of the project

-Capacity building, creating a theatre production and international network establishment
-Raising awareness and establishing local networks
-Knowledge development within the cultural sector
-Intercultural awareness and experience
-Further opportunities for employability
-Influence of working attitudes with respect to diversity and inclusion
-Development of training methodologies