Livorno in Danza – LET’S DANCE, LET’S MEET THE WORLD !!! 

We invite you to take part to the 13th edition of our event, became one of the main in Europe with competitions, masterclasses, exhibitions, auditions and more : in short, a great “recipe” to get together and meet dance schools and academies from all Europe countries, but also Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Belarus, Japan and others. You could have the opportunity to perform in our great and wonderful Teatro Goldoni, showing your works to a real worldwide audience and context, in several styles: 

  • Ballet and/or Contemporary for soloists, pas de deux/trios and groups
  • Choreographic Composition (a window for the work of choreographers

but also Workshops and meeting during 3 entire days where the only language will be the Dance !!! 
Prizes in handcraft sculptures, medals, trophies, scholarships and more.

“Livorno in Danza” is a collage of events and you can choose which one you prefer, or all of them.
According in advance with us, you can also extend your experience and stay 1 week: during the days before and after, at Areadanza we will plan international morning classes. By this way you can also take advantage, living a great experience also as tourist : Livorno is close to worldwide famous cities like Pisa, Florence, Lucca and others.
We can also help you with packages including: hotel, competition and tourism.
To reach Livorno is very easy and cheap: by train only 3 hours from Rome or Milan; by airplane, thanks to low-cost companies (Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair, Volotea, Transavia and others),  you can land in Pisa Int’l, frequently connected with the main European airports.

Registration deadline : february, 15, 2024

The entire event will be share in Live Streaming on the page “Video” of our website, where you can also download rules, fees, application forms, list of recommended cheap hotels and other utilities in several languages.
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We’re looking forward to meet you here and we’re at your disposal for even questions…
We wish to all of you … Great Dance !!!

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