MA Choreography and MA Dance – Oslo, Norway

Deadline for application, December 1st 2022

Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) has two specialised study programmes aimed at people interested in embodied practices that lead to either a Master’s Degree in Choreography or a Master’s Degree in Dance. The duration is four semesters. During the programmes, artists can develop their agency as dance makers and performers by experimenting with movements in time and space. 

Small groups – experienced team of tutors

With an intake of just 5 students in each programme, major emphasis is placed on individual tutoring and on adapting the programme’s content to individual needs. No school fees or age limits. The students will receive support and guidance from a team of tutors at KHiO and guest teachers and invited artists.

Passionate about embodiment and corporeal literacy?

Find more info about MA DANCE here. For more information, see MA Choreography

The latest date applications can be send inis December 1st 2022, but it’s recommended to apply as early as possible.