Sunday June 26, NO FEAR (ZID Theater, NL) at Theater De Vaillant

WHEN: June 26 2022 @ 14.00 

WHERE: Theater de Vaillant 

Hobbemastraat 120 Den Haag 

COSTS: €5 

Vibrant, intense and visual performance, in which eleven young performers, with roots in six different countries, build on their future in a new country.   

 This performance is part of ExploreZ on Tour. In NO FEAR eleven young performers, with roots in six different countries, are building on their dreams for the future. In a dynamic interplay of text, dance, music and imagery, they create a new world out of nothing. The road to get there is long and hard, but the baggage they bring from their youth gives them the strength to overcome all kinds of difficulties. 

Personal motivation, bursting energy and a versatile style, take the audience on this impressive journey. A story of young people who put their perseverance to the test, and hold on to their dreams despite everything. 


Director: Daan Bosch 

Performance: Abdulkadir Tufan, Andrina Omar, Aya Bini, Nivin Baranbo, Talal Nashawi, William Simonyan 

Dance: Issam Zemmouri, Bboy TheShadow, Zaher Hamzat 

Music: Odai Alhayek, Semere Welday 

Artistic coach and trainer : Sebo Bakker 

Artistic advisor: Enkidu Khaled 

Photos: Ibrahim Selek 

Technical support: Delal Yuce, Marsel Tsjitahjan 

Production: Lot Wuisman 

Production assistant: Djan Matar 

Director and artistic leader FATE: Karolina Spaić 

General manager: Susanne Hazen 

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