Audition for FATE #2 at ZID Theatre, the Netherlands | Sign up Deadline: November 18 2022

Fill in this Google Form if you’re interested to audition and maybe you’ll become one of the talents of our new FATE group!

Creative training programme 
Performers, musicians, dancers, organizers, video makers and photographers sign up! 
The FATE – Future Academy on Tour in Europe – trajectory opens its doors to new participants in 2022/2023. A one-year training programme, especially for creative youngsters (18-35 years old) with a migration background or newcomers! 

The training program runs from October 2022 to June 2023. It consists of three parts: 

  1. A series of lessons in which we practice professional skills and artistic development. 
  1. A production phase in which we develop our own theater performance, followed by an (inter)national tour. 
  1. Developing network and knowledge about the Dutch and international cultural sector. 

There will be worked with partners from the Netherlands, Spain Italy, Serbia and Germany. 

Sign up via the website. 15 participants will be selected. 
Selection procedure starts in June, deadline August 15 2022
Admission = free!