Bboy TheShadow

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you: TheShadow. Or as my family named me: Mhd Sabboura. Crazy name i know 🙂  

Well I’m a dancer, acrobat, actor, barber, masseur, personal trainer, in-line skater, and social media lover. I used to run a small company in Lebanon, that organized performances in different kind of events and media (like film and television). And ofcourse I performed in this as well!  

When I moved to the Netherlands I re-started my company here, and I’m currently on my way up again and looking forward to every new experience in my life! For every move I learn or do, for every stage I stand on, for every clap I hear, I will always do my best to be the best, or at least the most special.  

And here is where ZID came on my path: to try new things, have a new experience, discover sides in me I didn’t know existed, to meet wonderful people and of course to build a strong network with amazing artists and other creatives over the world. 

Visit my social media for more about my crazy life!!  
Love ya