Audition for FATE 2022/2023

Audition for FATE #2 at ZID Theatre, the Netherlands | Sign up Deadline: August 15 2022

Creative training programme 
Performers, musicians, dancers, organizers, video makers and photographers sign up! 


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Issam Zemmouri at ExploreZ Festival and Amsterdam Fringe Festival

ZID theater and FATE proudly present choreographer and dancer Issam’s performace “HISTORIA” at ExploreZ Festival and Amsterdam Fringe Festival. Issam has been one of the FATE’s participants in the Netherlands,…

Dream big

Inspirational Meeting – The Real Chance

May 19,  2021, 11.00 – 13.00 AM


online-event/ open meeting

The Inspirational Meeting is for cultural and artistic organisations across Europe (theatre, fine arts, film, photography, music, heritage and education and, organisations that work with refugees). You will discover more about the International project FATE, and the possibilities to connect on a European level and to join us.