Fundación Somos Polen

Somos Polen was born 4 years ago as a movement that promotes art and mental health, bringing together a group of people from the arts, mental health and human development. Since 2020, we have formalized ourselves as a foundation, which allows us to take on new projects and expand our areas of impact. Although, mainly, our focus is people in vulnerable situations, we work with different communities without distinction. What moves us is to pollinate well-being through art and mental health, promoting expression, sensitivity, positive emotions, living a meaningful life and building healthy relationships.

Among our services are artistic interventions with a focus on themes of human flourishing, especially today we are working on the basis of the Wellbeing Kit, an innovative tool that allows people to re-signify and reconnect their experiences to manage their emotions. And also, we teach the I Diploma in Arts, Personal Development and Shared Well-being, a course that mixes various artistic expressions with the strengthening of the human being. This diploma has the particularity of offering personal development sessions (to integrate the contents into your own life) and master classes led by renowned national and international teachers.
For us it is important to facilitate and promote concrete actions that reduce people’s discomfort and increase what is good for us, using the potential of art as a strategy to transform everything.