Open Call: Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2023

Amsterdam Fringe Festival is looking for artists to perform during this years’ edition in September!

Joining Amsterdam Fringe Festival = 

– Playing 4 shows during the 11 days of the festival, 7 – 17 September 2023 

– Joining the How2Fringe workshop about marketing, funding, networking and more. The first How2Fringe workshop is at Monday 27 March from 11:00 – 17:00 in Amsterdam!

– Producing and promoting your show: we take care of promoting the festival as a whole, you take care of promoting your show.

– We take care of and pay the location, you take care of a technician, producing and other things you need.

– Participation in Amsterdam Fringe Festival is for the most part ‘at your own risk’. Fringe offers a guaranteed sum (starting sum) of € 150 per performance (day), with a maximum of € 600 in total when performing 4 times at the festival. When the income of the ticket sales of your show is higher than the € 150 per performance, you’ll receive a 70% percentage of the additional income of the ticket sales of your show.

– Originality and experiment in theme, artistic form and/or performance venue is highly stimulated and will get priority. 

Signing up for the open call is possible from December 12th via the application below. The deadline of signing up is January 31st 23:59.

Find the application form and more information on the website of Amsterdam Fringe Festival: