NO FEAR performs for the last time during the National Theatre Weekend – January 29, 2023

NO FEAR | Sunday, January 29, 2023 | 3:00 pm | ZID Theater
Director: Daan Bosch

As part of the National Theatre Weekend, NO FEAR will play on Sunday 29 January at ZID Theater!

NO FEAR is a vibrant and visual performance about chasing your dreams for the future in a new country, made by participants of the FATE-project. FATE(Future Academy on Tour in Europe) offers opportunities to creative newcomers – refugees and migrants – within the cultural sector of Europe. NO FEAR is the conclusive performance of FATE#1, the first group of this international trainingprogram, supported by Creative Europe/EU and produced by ZID Theater. This challenging trajectory, focused on offering opportunities to a new generation of European citizens, is being carried out in collaboration with Atalya/TNT (Spain), Social Community Theater (Italy), DAH Teatar (Serbia) and Studio 7 (Germany).

Prior to the performance, there will be an interactive lunch for those interested, including a presentation by TONE (Talents of New Europe), a network of artists with a flight history. After the performance there will be a follow-up conversation/network moment with music.


  • 13:30   Walk-in
  • 14:00   Interactive lunch and presentation TONE
  • 15:00   Performance: NO FEAR
  • 16:00   Follow-up conversation/network moment with music

This performance is part of the National Theatre Weekend and can be visited for € 10!

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Director: Daan Bosch; Performance: Abdulkadir Tufan, Andrina Omar, Aya Bini, Nivin Baranbo, Talal Nashawi, William Simonyan; Dance: Issam Zemmouri, Bboy TheShadow, Zaher Hamzat; Music: Odai Alhayek, Semere Welday; Artistic coach and trainer: Sebo Bakker; Artistic advisor: Enkidu Khaled; Photos: Ibrahim Selek; Technical support: Delal Yuce, Marsel Tsjitahjan; Production: Lot Wuisman; Production intern: Djan Matar; Director and artistic leader FATE: Karolina Spaić; General manager: Susanne Hazen.

Special thanks to: AFK, Stadsdeel Amsterdam Nieuw-West, Stadsdeel Amsterdam West, VSB Fonds, FCP, Vriendenloterij, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Theaterweekend, Theatre in Palm, Creative Europe and Erasmus+.