Join the free online course “A Week in a Puppet Builder’s Workshop” – Find out how to join!

For everyone who had ever been interested in puppetry: this is the opportunity to learn how to make a puppet of your own! Experience with woodworking is not needed to join this workshop. Plus, the workshop is online and comes with no costs!

If you’re craving deeper inspiration, advancements, and mastery as an artist, performer, teacher, or student – you’re in the right place.
“Puppetry is an umbrella that holds every type of artistic expression. From illustration to sculpting to carving to textile to painting to performing to storytelling to creative writing, and we could go on and on…”
This is your opportunity to spend some quality time with one of the Puppetry’s most prolific designers and performers in the intimate setting of his workshop sanctuary. Bernd Ogrodnik will share his personal approach to puppetry and why he promotes the art of the wooden puppet.

The course consists of multiple workshop dates, so put this in your agenda! All you need for this workshop is a pen and paper. When you join, you’ll learn:

21st of February, 12 PM EST: Discover the power of the Puppet as your medium – a journey of the heart

23rd of February, 12 PM EST: Working with natural materials in a synthetic world – the wonders of wood

25th of February, 9 AM EST: Puppetry as a unique gateway of artistic expression – a gallery of possibilities

26th of February, 9 AM EST: What lies ahead of you – hands-on instructions and implementation of all the gifts of this week

PLUS: You’ll get access to the pop-up Facebook group opened just for this event, to meet and connect with other participants from all over the world.

➡️ Recordings of each webinar will be available if you can’t attend live.

➡️ At the end of this magical event, we’ll open the doors to the unique full-year online experience “Academy of the Wooden Puppet” for those who wish to continue this journey, learning from Bernd.

Grab your free ticket here: “A Week in a Puppet Builder’s Workshop”.