Issam Zemmouri at ExploreZ Festival and Amsterdam Fringe Festival

ZID theater and FATE proudly present choreographer and dancer Issam’s performace “HISTORIA” at ExploreZ Festival and Amsterdam Fringe Festival. Issam has been one of the FATE’s participants in the Netherlands, where he had the opportunity to share with work with others and develop professionally various levels.

In his first dance solo, Issam Zemmouri, tells about a personal journey using an energetic dance style and highly poetic images. The journey stretches across the Mediterranean, past different cultures, languages and civilisations. Along the way, Zemmouri’s quest for liberation takes centre stage. ‘Can I be myself?’, the traveller keeps asking himself. Historia premiered during the Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2021.

Choreography and dance: Issam Zemmouri | Artistic advice: Christian Guerematchi | Production: ZID Theater | photography: The Photographer / Greg Litwin

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