International Roy Hart Teacher Workshops – #3 Edda Heeg – 2-5 February 2023

Artists: This call might be for you! In February 2023 workshops by Edda Heeg will be presented, by the Roy Hart Centre NL. Roy Hart was a student of the well-known voice teacher Alfred Wolfsohn.

The workshop called MY VOICE will be hosted by Edda Heeg.

The Roy Hart tradition is based on the premise that every voice has great potential. In this workshop we will dive intensively into the exploration of the voice and its possibilities of expression. 

Through contact with the voice, confidence in one’s own personality is strengthened. There is no longer any right or wrong, but only “being in tune with oneself”. This is the way to your own artistic expression. Please bring a song or text that you have learned by heart.

Further contents of this workshop:    
• Body and breathing exercises    
• voice training    
• extended voice    
• song interpretation    
• improvisation    
• Singing together     
• Individual work

For further personal information on Edda Heeg, read more here.

DATE: Thu 2- Sun 5 February 2023
TIMES: 10h-13h and 15h-17h 
LUNCH: Included
LOCATION: Amsterdam
PRICE: 425,- euro (0& VAT, including lunch)
REGISTRATION: Use the form below