Application and admission

The School for New Dance Development is looking for students who are motivated to become a dance maker/choreographer. Students who want to widen the range of their movement vocabulary, challenge their existing viewpoints, expand their creative processes, and develop performance work. Students of SNDO are encouraged to make considered choices in creating a position for themselves in the profession and to be aware of the aesthetic, social and ethical implications of their work.

The SNDO audition process includes several phases and components. We start with a pre-selection from the all submitted applications. For the main selection round we invite 80-100 candidates to submit a three (3) minute solo and three (3) minute self-interview videos. Further information on the videos and criteria is shared with the invited candidates.


The two-day final selection round, with around thirty (30) shortlisted candidates, takes place live in Amsterdam. It includes classes in contemporary technique, movement research, a group assignment and a short interview with the audition board.

SNDO admits a maximum of ten (10) students.

When applying for the audition, please make sure you are available on all of the following dates.


  • Application deadline: 5 February 2024
  • Video deadline: 11 March 2024
  • Live audition: 18 and 19 April 2024

The audition board is formed by an internationally known choreographer or performance maker, a presenter or programmer of a theater/venue/festival, an SNDO graduate, three teachers and the artistic director of the SNDO.

To apply follow the link below