Amsterdans – the first international competition

AmsterDans is the most important international dance competition in the Netherlands in the genres of ballet and contemporary dance. AmsterDans provides an opportunity to dance schools, dance teachers, young choreographers, and young dancers to come together in an atmosphere of friendly competition in order to learn from and inspire each other. While the competition is the most prominent event, the masterclasses and the opportunity to meet other dancers from all over the world make the whole experience a very enriching one. The competition itself has a number of categories including solos, duets, and group works, and the genres are ballet, contemporary/modern, and a specific category for choreography in those genres.
The first edition of AmsterDans took place in 2016. The founders (Savina Marasi & Gary Feingold, Fabio Franchini & Gaia Lemmi) had recognized the need for an international event in the Netherlands that offered the benefits of a well-run competition and decided to establish AmsterDans. The idea was to create a platform for dancers and dance schools wishing to excel and show their talents, and to create opportunities for dancers, teachers and choreographers to meet and compare their work. AmsterDans became a yearly event and with each edition the competition has gained more participants from more countries, as well as an increasing number of prominent sponsors who offer scholarships, choreographic opportunities and other important prizes that can be won.
The directors – Savina Marasi & Gary Feingold, and assistant director Zahira Mous – are happy to welcome you to this 6th Edition of AmsterDans.

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